BCLUW "Virtual Reality & 3D Applications" Program student trip to Iowa State University - November, 2011. A visit to the Virtual Reality Applications Center and a few other sites on campus that utilize 3D / Virtual Reality technology. We had great faculty and graduate students at ISU as guides, and toured the....

1. C-6 immersive 3D system (they told us we were the first school group ever to visit and use the C-6!). The system has been used recently for simulations for the Army as a test for storage container transportation and for John Deere as a combine simulator. The students were able to control the simulation using a video-game style controller.





2. Virtual Engineering Process Simulation Interface (VE-PSI), to see an award winning 3D display of a virtual power plant



3. Multiscale Systems Design Studio, where students learned about how researchers are using 3D technology to learn more about microscopic objects (such as copper atoms from a sheet that has been "smashed"), and how this research can be applied to the engineering & construction field.



4. System detailing the interaction between real and virtual environments (in this case, heat transfer through metal)

A great day of learning & new experiences for BCLUW students! A few video clips of the trip at -






The kids have also reported that the new MacBook Pros they've received in the past few weeks have been a great addition to the program as they continue working on more complex and detailed projects using Blender 3D.

I think today was a very useful way of showing some of the wide variety of applications in this field, and hopefully the kids left inspired with some new possible ideas for their projects at BCLUW!