This site contains information on the BCLUW "Virtual Reality and 3D Applications" guided independent study program. If you have questions, or would like more information, contact Mr. Petty or Mrs. Teske.


Halloween Contest Images



April 2012 - A "Show Reel" of some of Brent's projects this year, put together to share at a 1:1 conference

A few pics from the April 2012 VREP Showcase in Altoona

Jan. 16 Training for middle school students - photos here

Document with additional resources / tutorials

Scroll down this page to find links to the "Gingerbread Man" character & animation


Some photos Monitors are in, and some December Christmas contest / students at work

2011 BCLUW Christmas Competition!

*November, 2011 trip to several 3D / Virtual Reality sites at Iowa State University*

A sampling of business and industry in IOWA hiring employees with virtual reality / 3D computer application skills -
John Deere Rockwell-Collins Demonstratives, Inc.
Bodyviz Mechdyne Mudd Advertising Vermeer Design Alliance, Inc.

BCLUW "Virtual Reality & 3D Applications" in the news -

Conrad Record

"BCLUW Dives into Virtual Reality" - November, 2010

"Growth of Virtual Reality Continues" - May, 2011

"BCLUW Students get Virtual Reality Tour to ISU" - November, 2011

There are now 2 opportunities to enter your work in "Blender online competitions". Six reasons to compete, according to Blender Guru's Andrew Price -

6 Reasons to Compete:

  1. Competitions push you to better your work and explore new techniques
  2. It teaches you the importance of deadlines
  3. You have a theme by which to create your work around
  4. It provides motivation to finish your work
  5. Great way to showcase your artwork and get noticed
  6. You’re competing for a charity prize! Now’s the chance to help the world through your art :)

Blender Guru's Monthly Competition

Blender "weekend challenge"


Link to some examples of BCLUW student work

Goals of the VR/3D class at BCLUW -

Virtual Reality & 3D Applications Syllabus

* Manual for Blender 2.6*

"Your 1st Animation - Gingerbread Man"

Gingerbread Man - Part II

(for more advanced users - Blender / Python manual)

Student Project proposal sheet - turn in before a project, or shortly after starting

This course was created after BCLUW joined the VREP Initiative. See this website for more information on the use of virtual reality applications in education.

VREP User Group Google Site

* For students who would like to sign up for the Virtual Reality & 3D Applications Course (and not currently involved)* Submit to Mr. Petty - fill out the form below and attach to an email to

What is Blender? & Blender Resources

Blender Nation
Blender Guru - Blender
Blender Cookie - many good video tutorials
Blender 3D Design Course (from Tufts University)